The PELETICO Group of Companies comprises of three subsidiaries which are active in the following fields:   

  • PELETICO LTD: Design, production, packaging, sale and distribution of paints, varnishes, adhesives and waterproofing products. Sales and distribution of building materials (ready-made plasters, tile adhesives, and building materials) and industrial minerals (bentonite, gypsum, limestone, perlite) 
  • PELETICO PLASTERS LTD: Design, production, packaging, sale and distribution of building materials (ready- made plasters, tile adhesives and building materials) and processing of industrial minerals (bentonite, gypsum, limestone, perlite) 
  • PELETICO PENTA LTD: Mining, design, activation and sale of bentonite in granular form for further processing. Design, production, and sale of bentonite cat litter 

The policy of the PELETICO Group of Companies is the development, production and promotion of high quality products, which exceeds the needs of our customers in quality and performance. Our main guiding principles focus on respecting the environment and endorsing social responsibility towards our employees and community. 

The Management is committed to achieving and maintaining this policy by: 

  • Applying all European and Cypriot legislation and regulations concerning our products 
  • Establishing, implementing, maintaining, and constantly improving in all the Companies of the Group, a Quality Assurance System, based on the requirements of the International Quality Standard ISO 9001 
  • Continuous training and development of the Group’s human resources and the participation of employees in our efforts of continuous improvement 
  • Using high quality raw materials 
  • The application of innovative technologies in production 
  • Setting Corporate and Departmental objectives, which are reviewed annually
  • The appropriate management of risks but also the utilisation of new opportunities 

PELETICO’S name is associated with quality and innovation, and the effective application of this policy will help us maintain our reputation for the provision of high quality products and services.

In addition to providing high quality products, the purpose of the Group is to sell products that comply with the requirements of Health and Safety regulations. For this purpose, all necessary measures have been taken to minimize risks to employees, including others that may be affected by the operations of the Group. 

As all our personnel is responsible for the quality of the products and services provided, they are all committed to support the implementation of this policy.

Marios Peleties
Managing Director

Date : 17/10/2019

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