At PELETICO GROUP OF COMPANIES, we are fully aware of the reckless use of natural resources and degradation of the environment and its habitat by human activities, which result in natural resources being consumed at a faster rate than needed for their natural renewal, with biodiversity, as natural capital, being endangered.

That is why we are committed to environmental management with the ultimate goal of maintaining a balance between current needs and the conservation of natural resources for future needs.

The Policy of PELETICO GROUP OF COMPANIES to ensure Environmental Protection is based on the following principles:

  • Implementation of an Environmental Management System in all its activities and actions 
  • Defining targets and purposes of environmental interventions
  • Evaluation and improvement of the overall Environmental performance of PELETICO GROUP OF COMPANIES by preparing and implementing Action Plans for the achievement of the specific Environmental Goals and Objectives, always within defined timescales
  • Review of the environmental goals and objectives that have been established 
  • Endorsing specific rules of environmental control in the internal operation of the company 
  • Follow the necessary measures to prevent environmental pollution, always in compliance with relevant national and community legislations  
  • Applying principles of collection and treatment of waste resulting from the company’s actions 
  • Improvement of the overall environmental behaviour of PELETICO GROUP OF COMPANIES, especially in preventing matters of Environmental Pollution and Emergency Risk Management
  • Implementing continuous training and information of its employees on Environmental issues
  • Promoting an open dialogue and informing its employees, the public, the Authorities, and all those who collaborate with them, in a spirit of honest and mutual respect 
  • Consolidating the concept of protecting our physical capital, ecological sensitivity and environmental vision, which inspires the highest level of the hierarchy, throughout the Organizational Structure of the PELETICO GROUP OF COMPANIES 
  • Participating in actions, programs, and events aimed at enlightening, informing and raising public awareness on environmental protection matters

To ensure the protection of the environment, the PELETICO GROUP OF COMPANIES, applies in its manufacturing units:


the Environmental Management System which fully complies with the guidelines of the International Standard ISO 14001:2015 and European Regulation (EC) no. 1221/2009 and the amending Regulation 2017.1505/ EU and 2018/2026/ΕΕ on the voluntary participation of organizations in a Community Eco-management and audit scheme (EMAS). The scope of the System in matters of environmental protection is the operation of the three manufacturing units in Nicosia (PELETICO LTD), in Larnaca (PELETICO PLASTERS LTD), and in Pentakomo (PELETICO PENTA LTD). 

The Management Representative ensures that the Procedures of the Environmental Management System, are fully understood by all employees of the different departments of the Group Companies, and are applied and adhered to at all levels of the organizational structure. 

The Managing Director, in collaboration with the employees of the PELETICO GROUP OF COMPANIES, is committed firstly to ensure the effective implementation of the Environmental Management System, and secondly that it will provide all the necessary means for its continuous and stable operation and its continuous improvement. 

The Environmental Policy and Environmental Statement of the PELETICO GROUP OF COMPANIES are presented to the public through the website: www.peletico.com 

Responsible for the publication of the Environmental Policy is the Representative of the Management of the PELETICO GROUP OF COMPANIES.

Marios Peleties
Managing Director 

Date: 30/09/2020

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